Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen dropped out from Harvard and started Microsoft in 1975, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in 1976. Microsoft focused on computer software and apple invented first personal computer in 1977. Both the companies had grown substantially in the fastest growing sector of the world. Microsoft made huge money by writing software for MAC. Both worked for MAC for a long time, but in the beginning of 80s when Mac II was supposed to be launched, by knowing its outstanding features of graphical user interface, Microsoft launched Window to the market and became part of each and every PCs in the world by mid of nineteen nineties. One American Journalist says Gates started cloning the Mac. Apple became just mediocore for ten years.


In the city of Switzerland a rich couple resided together for a long 20 years. One day the husband came with a Driver and said, darling I have hired a driver, you can take him for shopping or outing. The wife went for shopping and when came back, just shouted and said, please remove this person. He could have killed me three times in the market. The husband said, how could have I missed the chance to do it. 


Villagers had developed a mango garden and enjoying the fruits for years. Suddenly they found the termite is spoiling the trunk and leaves, so sprayed medicine to save the trees and they could produce mangoes. Suddenly after the mango season is over, they found all the trees have withered. They enquired about it and found that as they have put the medicine on trunk, the termite has eaten the root and trees have died. 


Time and again the history and mythologies speak about the human and character and it mentions it cannot be only judged by the friends a per son carries, but the enemies it creates. Thoughts of Duryodhana is required to be enemy of Yudhisthira. 

The devils can cite scriptures for his purpose.


                        William Shakespear

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  1. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar June 29, 2020 at 6:23 am - Reply

    "GOOD (POSITIVE)" & "BAD (NEGATIVE)" both are omnipotent and advent simultaneously. Yes, their courses of action may be in variant ratio. But, one who looks towards positive side, always makes oneself capable to climb Mount Everest even without climbing kit. Best example of such category is none other than Hon'ble Founder, KIIT Group of Institutions.

  2. Dr. Amlan Panda June 30, 2020 at 10:09 am - Reply

    The article ‘Termitein action’ is very significantly explained in succinct. The motley examples havespelled out nicely to convey a clear message to the society. The magnitude of articleis very informative and proclaims it’s potential. 

  3. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura July 1, 2020 at 2:15 am - Reply

    Dear Dr Samanta
    You have touched on a very important and significant point in this post.We cannot be judged by the friends we keep but by the enemies we make… True. It’s ok to have enemies as long as we have not created them intentionally but rather by just being who we are. We should be able to accept the price of competence which is very crucial and work to achieve our set objectives.

  4. Dr Gaganendu Dash July 2, 2020 at 7:39 am - Reply

    Once a person came to Gurudev Rabindra Nath Thakur and told him that a person was scolding him very badly using harsh languages. Gurudev said asked him I might have helped him once. That person inquired and found Gurudev helped him to get a job but not helped him again when he was removed from his Job for his own misconduct. People around us always prefer to get our favour and we may helped him many times but started to say against if once we are not able to help him or say them no. This is the peculiar character of Individuals we are dealing. So you are right in saying we should work as per demand for long run not because to settle a thing instantly which may cause permanent loss.

  5. Unknown July 3, 2020 at 3:58 am - Reply

    A coin has two sides always. One without other is impossible. Similarly good or bad, enemy or friends are two parts of life. Devils are most powerful as they help in making the other one famous. But always good wins the race. Bandita Paikaray.

  6. Biswabandita July 4, 2020 at 4:23 am - Reply

    When the things are analysed practically, always positive vive has a negativity. Matter has anti matter. So, it depends on the person to select. Well written Ma'am.

  7. Dr Ashok Kumar Sahoo July 5, 2020 at 6:31 am - Reply

    Well described article about the human and character: A systematic thoughts


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