Virtual World is shifting its position from a short time gap arrangement to New Normal, a long term proposition for many of us. It is becoming too much challenging for most of us to have the paradigm shift in the way of working, whatever we are used to since last few decades or years. It is becoming essential to maintain our motivation, enthusiasm, passion, commitment of ours and our customers. 


Motivation comes from the desire to perform and the desire comes from need of ours and appreciations and recognitions from the customers, organization and co-workers, seniors or juniors. But now, if we think about our need, then also some confusions are there that do we work only for money, do we work for fulfilling others need, is it the driver for me to work. Everyday sitting before the screen, attending meetings, webinars, conferences, classes and for many more assignments, we make the strategy for ourselves to remain motivated, and keep our team, organization and customers motivated. 


We are trying to design the virtual journey enjoyable by putting lots of human intervened processes, like scope to chit chat with each other through chat box or face to face in break, sharing the ideas and thoughts among the members by using whats app or other apps.  


Few things have become vital to this virtual working environment Content, Delivery Methods, Technology Used to Deliver, Engagement possibilities, Types of Engagement, Communication Skill, Patience to Cope with the Drawbacks / Uncertainties of Technology,

Level of Interactions with Customers


In physical platform, lots of things matter for us rather than what is said like the relationship we maintain with each other, the personality a person carries, emotional bondage, the environment we work, peers we work etc etc. But in Virtual platform, it is too much objective oriented, what is to be done and how it is to be done. So the content we want to communicate plays a major role, through which we not only want to subject into the platform, but also prospective to the platform. 


In a virtual discussion forum, the subjects are delivered with different objectives, starting from to continue the business, to maintain our relevance in the industry, to stay connected with customers, to transmit the vision and mission of content, with the spirit it has been formulated. While a Manager speaks to its staff and Says Please Focus on Finishing the Project on time, as it is culture of the organization to stick to the commitment, he wants to transmit that though we are apart, but together as an organization or system, we are bound by a general principle, system, ethics and style.


In a Physical space, the managers want to connect the workers by using emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, cultural intelligence, soothing environment, by developing work place relationships and many more systems in place to keep everybody connected to the job and being concerned for each other.  The environment is controlled in a physical platform.


The technology provides us the opportunities to get engaged with the customers in different ways, through visual demonstrations, using analytical tools, different platforms for live experiments. While we discuss in a technical app, the challenges sometimes are quality of system we use, the internet speed we share and different environment we share, which is not possible on the part of manager to have control over such situation. 


But virtual platform provides opportunities to have judicious work life balance, as per the requirement. The people get lots of flexibility to get connected and engaged as per the convenience, which increases the quality of engagement. Virtual platforms are much transparent than the physical one. The cost of engagement and the conversation is almost zero without any travel and stay cost, which will lead to reducing the cost of services, thus increasing the accessibility. 

With time, we all can slowly adapt to the system and a new process will evolve to match .  


Time can solve it ………. 




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  1. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar July 3, 2020 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    The last line, "Time can solve it" is the heart of this Art. Appreciated and highly commended Article inked by the narrator. Hon'ble Founder, KIIT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, always says, "creation of difficult, its maintenance is more difficult and its preservation is most difficult task". "Samaya bada balabaan".
    Exam Cell, School of Civil Engineering, KIIT DU

  2. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura July 4, 2020 at 2:15 am - Reply

    It’s a topic talked about in every forum… But I would congratulate Prof. Samanta for bringing out the most important aspect of it – “Adaptability”. Yes it all depends on how we adapt to Virtual Reality. Time would slowly help us learn and blend with the newer technologies. When uncertainty prevails, adapting to withstand the current situation is a preferred option.

  3. Dr Gaganendu Dash July 4, 2020 at 6:24 am - Reply

    Rightly said Self Motivation is the key word to continue the good work for any organisation. If we were not motivated enough and in right direction,then works and assignment given to us, will be like burden and one can not be able to give his best.

  4. Dr Ashok Kumar Sahoo July 5, 2020 at 6:36 am - Reply

    Rightly said at this moment of life: With time, we all can slowly adapt to the system and a new process will evolve to match. Adaptability is the preferred option…


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