Covid 19, world suffered from December 2019 to 2022, nobody knows, when it was over or not. But during this period, the whole world came to a stop for moths. The airlines, trains, buses were stopped in the airports, yards and bus stands. Whole humanity were house arrested naturally, nobody dared to come out for months together, avoided going for shopping, even lots of restrictions were put with shops for maintenance of hygiene, cleanliness. Sanitizers, hand washes, mask, globes became the integral part of life.

I loved reading, loved reading about life, its origin, its purpose and its existence. Origin to salvation, the journey every body goes through …………… Spiritualism, worship, devotion, the deep connection with soul. Started my forgot hobbies of singing and writing, realisation of life, the spirit within me and reflecting on it through my writings. To be very frank, I was not a so good writer and very bad singer. No one would have liked to read my piece, either on blogs or on books, but my loved ones did, just to encourage me that yes I can do………

Went on doing, one fine day, I realised people have started appreciating, they love reading my piece, they started recognising more louder through their written comments, number increased, nations increased. I remembered the saying I made my life through “Efforts Never Go Waste”. Loved to believe in this more strongly, started doing small things, exploring my core.

Finally got confidence that ‘bringing Innovation’ is the inherited core of mine, inherited from family, from society, from Universe, I do not know. I think my core is devoted to people, energy, deep thoughts and bringing out best in them. Realised, where there is no energy, I feel suffocated. Frame of references got challenged, through actions, interactions and smiles and laughs.

When you settle, you must travel again. Experimenting new things, explore new capabilities, new aspirations within yourself and you get the opportunities to know the people with you more closely. New buses, new cars, new roads, new stations new streets speak about song of life.

Skyscrapers, casualties, board rooms to shacks, lecture theatres, stages helps to make narratives. Narratives, we aspire, we love, we live.

When it rains, the whole population gets involved in its strong hammering, gorgeous sounds and heaviness of weather. Small children to old men and women, Poor to Rich, each and every individual. No discrimination, no differences but struggles within are different. I was realising that. . . . . . .

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Sasmita Samanta

Prof. Sasmita Samanta is an accomplished academician and administrator with more than two and half decades of experience in strategizing excellence in professional and technical education. Currently she wears the mantle of Professor of Management and Vice-Chancellor of KIIT Deemed to be University.

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