Covid19 outbreak in December 2020 has collectively affected everybody in this globe and each one of us have reacted individually, uniquely and personally, sometime laud, sometime quietly and sometime with reflections. With all those actions and reactions, we are fighting willingly against the challenges, we are guiding ourselves to protect  against the sufferings, we are questioning ourselves every moment about the purpose and meaning of existence and environment, we live, we see. The strong fight involving heart, being conscious to get connected to super being, getting motivated by the feelings of connectivity, stay away from the sufferings, questioning and searching for the purpose is Spirituality. The human consciousness to live in peace and happiness, the sense of bliss is Spirituality, it is calmness, it is pure, it is just it is ……..


Spiritual Revolution has just started spontaneously in the form of a movement. We have outgrown from the mechanised, data based, scientific and humanistic theories and beliefs, to a different paradox, to get the reasons, to come together to join the human beings irrespective of geographical boundaries to fight against the evil, ruining the eco-system of human and humanity.  We are living in a difficult time of future history, but sometimes we are worried, we are in grief, but at times feeling liberated, realising freedom, freedom from all the man made boundaries of created knowledge, past experiences and whole intelligence system…… 


Each one of us are having strong desire, just to close the eyes, disconnect ourselves from the evil  and dream for some time about life with peace, happiness and away from all difficulties and love to stay connected to it. The Social Science, Public Health, Psychology are fighting between existing and existence. 


People who are intelligent, people who are driving the scientific, technological and social system, have put their whole energy for giving engineered solution to the humanity to make their life easy and happy, are trying to get the way to bring people out of those difficulties, creating hope for future solutions or the ways….. 


A group of people, connected to only spirituality, trying to build human based community  in the world and trying to strengthen the community psychologically with essence of spirituality and creating the inner strengths to fight and wait with patience till the difficulties are over with hope of a beautiful future………


In western countries they blame the breakdown of social and human system, which was built on the basis of faith, trust and mutual respect. Some Psychologists say it is spiritual gap. When the spiritual eruption is there, we are in illusion to identify between health and sufferings, wisdom and confusions, self and others. 


The Churches and temples were not prepared to take up the contemporary studies of spirit or spiritual revolution, as they are mostly based on traditional theories and concepts. Not prepared for revolution to match the aspirations of present age. The public institutions were secular, evolving with the time, not designed to connect to spirituality


But, the time, the need of the time, the present spiritual revolution is for the search of life, the search of purpose, the realisation of universal consciousness or interconnectedness with humanity. Hope is the core of supplying energy for fighting against evil, creating meaning for existence,  is divine by spirituality. 


The divine Yajna, where lives are sacrificed, new lives are created out of divinity, which is old, on which the literature of Vedas is based in the form of knowledge in Brahmanas, Hymns in Samhitas and Aranyakas & sutras in the form of information. We are discussing about New Normal hoping for transformed New Agewith New Light ……………………


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Bureaucracy to Humanocracy



  1. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar November 13, 2020 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    Yesterday's dream is today's hope and, that hope amounts to be fact only at the cost of vision and mission. The garland of words in the topic is praiseworthy and flies at high altitude.
    Exam Cell, School of Civil Engineering, KIIT DU

  2. Dr Gaganendu Dash November 17, 2020 at 3:45 pm - Reply

    Hope is a positive and potential spiritual practice with the power to pull us through difficult time. It is usually a ray, a beam,a glimmer of hope the break in clouds, the light at the end of the dark tunnel. It is often discovered in unexpected places. Hope is always a driving force to do good.No matter what jobs we do or work position we hold, as hopeful people we maintain fairness and integrity and make our work matter for common good.I think spirituality help us to sees good in others may be in fear of punished by God for any wrong doings. Completely different topic and al excellent facts narrated nicely in the article.

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