Humanism is the way of life, a person defines for himself or herself to live, to grow, to enjoy and to become successful. Humanism is the power of generous Community with compassion, reasons to live and scope for critical thinking. Such Community has the capacity to love, empathy to think through others and believes in continuous renewal in thoughts, in vision and in life itself. It co-creates continuously in an evolutionary process of obsoletion, revision and creation. 
In a community, Humanism is the central concept to define education, economy, business, community judiciary, celebrations and spiritual practices. In absence of formal judiciary system, based on rules and punishment, the sense of humanism establishes a collaborative and co-creative system, which perform effectively. 
Humanism in Education
Human has the natural instinct for co-existence with nature and society. Right knowledge of nature, science, society and human values drive a community towards realization of knowledge and gives confidence for application of this knowledge in real life situation.
 In Vedic Era, the children were taught about Vedas.  Rig Veda explains four stages of life i.e. celibacy, family life, forest life and renunciation and the procedure to maintain harmony. The essence of all hymns were to get knowledge and power from the nature and use it for building of the physical, mental, moral and intellectual strengths. Yajur Veda deals with the rituals of life, the human psychology, to perform different activities, to perform yajnya and sacrifices. Sam Veda is about melodies and chants with eight surs Sa re ga ma pa da ni sa and stimulating different power centres with its chanting and connecting to brahma.  Atharva Veda is about enjoying life with good health.  So a child was getting knowledge of nature, the rituals, applications in the society, focusing in individual power to gain knowledge and leading a healthy life. The disciples were following the highest level of discipline and morals. There is evidence that in Vedic period the disciplines like commerce, economy and mathematics as part of their education. 
In Post Vedic period, the education was based on knowledge and through it to search the truth. Though other disciplines like mythology, the Upanishads, Upanayanas, arthasastra etc. were part of education, but Veda was centre of  education. 
But after that, when different disciplines emerged out of societal and educational evolutionary process related to science, technology, society, business, mathematics etc. and education system was institutionalized, the education imparted in institutions, were based on facts and figures and beyond that it was said it is supra natural like existence of God, Ghost, Unicorn etc. So the humanism defined itself in education system as truth and knowledge. 
Humanism in Community Judiciary
Every Indian Community runs with its own strength of knowledge based on Science, Life, Human Psychology, Behaviour, mutual respect and aspiration of generation. To maintain the discipline in the community each community has established a judiciary system taking the senior members of the community, the figure head, naturally selected by the community to run the judiciary based on his power of pursuasion, decision making and communication skill. The process of selection of members of the community leadership committee is age old traditional system, but natural, evolutionary and unbiased. The community judiciary system is not limited to the written and codified rules based on certain principles and driven by punishments. It is purely based on age old tradition, humanism and empathy free from any obligations.
Humanism in Community Thoughts
Experimenting knowledge, followed by sincere efforts brings success and source of happiness for individual. The separation of mind from profession is not possible and it results in destroying the relationships. So thoughts are always based on perceptions and separate from experiments. All individual successes together, is the success of the community, and creates reasons for the community to have a unique identity and to be proud of. The experience of success sets the example for the community to aspire, to dream and to follow it. The experienced individuals come together to establish the legacy for succeeding generations to be respectful followers. As the realizations are the core of Community behaviour, humanism is the core of community thoughts, which keeps intolerance, jealousy and unhealthy competitions away and connects the lives with calmness and compassion. 
Humanism and Community Power 
The strength of community lies with shared leadership, designed as per the function a person executes in the community. A teacher takes the responsibility of teaching the next generation, a doctor takes the responsibility of health care of the community, a writer brings the issues of the community to the knowledge of the authorities for solutions, the service providers provide different service to the community starting from farmers, cleaners, drivers etc. The community builds its power from civic society on participation in decision making processes.
Though community power structure biased by elitists, social class, development rate etc., always the community is defined with inclusiveness, togetherness and influenced by cultural and social diversity. The humanistic leadership, based on emotional, cultural and spiritual intelligence in the community has always driven the humanity to live with happiness.
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  1. Biswabandita June 18, 2020 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    Very truely told ma'am, well coordinated between humanity and community. In fact your write up has a gragging force to connect everyone with societal feeling.

  2. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar June 18, 2020 at 11:27 pm - Reply

    Among all the creations of Almighty in this beautiful world, HUMAN BEING is the best one from all points of view. Only thing, execution of such best quality has been levied to the individual. The front line warrior is none other than our lovable Hon'ble Founder KIIT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. My heartiest regard to the author for inking the craft.
    Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar
    Exam Cell School of Civil Engineering KIIT DU

  3. Unknown June 19, 2020 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Well related document of humanism with community.
    Dr U P Singh

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    Well define Human life in different stage

  5. Dr Gaganendu Dash June 19, 2020 at 8:02 am - Reply

    It is said that education can change the humanism. Humanism main goal was to improve life of the citizens and help their communities. While community is about a group of people living in a place having equal objectives.KISS is the greatest example how humanism can influence a student community to excel in life.
    Nicely presented article about Humanism and Community.

  6. Dr. Amlan Panda June 19, 2020 at 8:20 am - Reply

    The author has well defined the concept of Humanism. Various facets of Humanism like education, Community Judiciary, Community thoughts have been also enlighted. Definitely, it is true that the way of life is humanism. 

  7. Unknown June 20, 2020 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Nicely described about humanism in different stages by the author. (Rasmi Ranjan Mishra)

  8. Dr Ashok Kumar Sahoo June 21, 2020 at 5:56 pm - Reply

    Well written article about Correlation between Humanism with community.


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