Human Aspiration Centric Strategies : Shift from Perfection to Honesty 


The millennials and Generation Z are the prime decision makers in business, fashion, technology, science, media, healthcare, society etc. Their expectations from their lives, in the way they want to live, in the space where they want to make the differences, type of engagement they aspire for, type of relationships they dream for are shaping the world and slowly transforming towards a new world. Outbreak of Covid 19 and consequential strong intervention of digitization in each and every sector, is transforming the work places, policies, systems, rules, governances and to be very frank the structure of the organization , its reporting lines and whole organization itself. The experiences have been obsolete and the members of this digital world are dreaming for a world, which is sensible towards human existence, respectful for the need and designed to fulfil the expectations. 


Convergence of righteousness with coolness, connecting hearts with thoughts , replacement of competitiveness with collaborative work, getting engaged with interesting things, inspiring people has become the new phenomena of the society. Generations are smarter to pick the best for them events, avenues, jobs, partners, friends etc for them. Confidence is dominant on Confusions because those people could get opportunities to understand their needs, choices, aspirations and dreams. They tend to bank upon them. 


Five Aspirations are transforming the strategies from individual level up to corporate, national and international level.


Ensuring Abundance : Shift from Ownership Economy to Experiential Economy


·      The thoughts to make the life experiences better are stimulating to create environment, driven by access, equality, collaborative and sharing culture. Such innovations are providing the sense of abundance ‘to many’ of possessing sufficient means to access the world information, getting into fruitful partnering with peers through discussions, engagements, understanding and creating the comfort zones for joint contributions. As Chanakya had rightly said that abundance is the core to practice ethics, the sense of abundance or having access to all opportunities and facilities are forcing them to take the decision for judicious use of resources by keeping an eye on own need and aspirations and others necessities, as a result it is minimizing the waste. 


·      Possession of lot of valuable physical materials and owning it is no more the aspiration of generation. They want to experience all the fun, excitements, opportunities, facilities, luxury as they need and wants to bring into their lives all positivity  and happiness (Mutual). 



·      Shifting of Ownership Economy to Experiential Economy is adding not only values and experiences to the lives, but providing opportunities for sharing of resources with many to make their lives satisfying and meaningful. The we culture is being created through communities or citizenship behavior. 


As a result of this the innovations of creation of crowd platforms like technology platforms computer platforms, utility platforms, market places, on demand service platforms, content crowdsourcing platforms, data harvesting platforms, content distribution platforms, content management platforms have been developed. Through those platforms, each and every citizen of this globe is getting opportunity to access or experience the facilities or they have the access to the resources, many may not have the luxury to use those facilities again and again, but they are able to use it, when they are of dire need of it. 


Revealing Realities : Concealing Weaknesses to Searching Jointly to get meaningful solutions


·      In a  technology driven world, data plays a major role to build a system, process , device and there are enormous sources of data, where it is available in different form. The access to such data has been universal and is used in different ways to build a system based on previous knowledge, with sufficient proven records and established facts. It slowly helping us to perceive, to empathize more accurately , with much more confidence rather than purely depending on our capability of imagination. Realities or truth about the person, organization or system is being revealed through discussions, analysis and critics and is being accepted in its true form. So each one of the individual is accepting himself or her self in their original form, without being biased by misleading opinions of a very closed group. 


·      Truths are being revealed, accepted and being communicated in a group or community to think jointly about the truth or issues or challenges and create public opinions with diverse prospective, diverse possibilities, diverse challenges and  getting most accurate solutions as per the analytical and persuasive capability of the individual. 


The businesses, the opportunities, the possibilities are being created based on such realities. So strategies are more transparent, honest and loyal to the system rather than being merely perfect. Such practices are bringing us close to truth.



Experiencing New Things : Promoting Innovations


·      Engagement with people, peers, friends, experts etc.  sharing of experiences are creating confidence for quality services and products. Those positive values are coming up as brands and affiliation to such brands are being stronger. The brands like UBER, AIR BNB, OYO, are the concepts to create experiences with optimal use of existing resources by reducing the idleness. Luxury is being redefined as not only experiencing the physical facilities, but also experiencing together. Those brands have created the communities, believing in collaborative access to joy and sharing it with all, to have optimum use of it. 


·      The respect for the creators is increasing and they are being recognized. The creators of concepts, artisans, makers of products are being recognized and appreciated. Not only the product, but the intensions behind it to support human aspirations and realization of dreams in different fields like technology, transportation, hospitality, education etc. are being valued and are being paid by the people. Such mindsets are motivating creators and supporting them with means for promoting innovations.


Freedom of Choices : Authority to Select and Reject



·      The generations ant to have freedom to live, decide their own ways and means to move ahead, complete authority to accept and reject, select the best fit for them. Possession of high value materials with them like houses, cars are no more  symbols of richness, it is decided based on the requirement and describes the ideology of the person, in the way he or she wants to recognize himself and herself in the world. 


·  Lots of Information, analytics, views give them sufficient opportunities of choice. They are neither biased by the traditional beliefs or age old knowledge. Age old knowledge they use to understand the prospective , but not to decide, they do not want make the knowledge base as the core of their lives and designing lives in and around it. They drive through it with aspiration of creating new knowledge, new dreams, new society, new world. 


Freedom of thoughts are forcing the leaders to change the working environment for helping the people for creation of new experiences, memories, successes in the job itself. 



Making Lives Better : Focus on Human


·      The big corporates, built in last decade are mostly established to making lives more easy, comfortable and making it joyful rather than struggling for a good experience throughout the lives. The Freedom to Choose, optimum authority to reject and coming up with the best and experience of best, making the generations full of optimism, confidence to drive forward together, with like minded people. 


·      They are dreaming to create the communities believing on their own thoughts and trying to bring like minded together. This optimism is the core of transformation by ignoring the unhealthy competitions in each and every level starting from being in the front to book the ticket to payment of electricity bill. 


The execution of all activities from the comfort of finger tips are creating the sense of oneness among all and empowering each individual in this globe to think beyond. The connectedness the others, to feel for others problems and dreams are culminating new ideas and concepts, which are being core of each business to serve the humanity. 

The previous generation industries / businesses were mostly focused on manufacturing product by utilising natural resources or providing different kind of services by using Human Resources. But many new multinational companies have been built up in last one and half decade to execute any of those two jobs  by optimising use of existing resources and minimising the waste or innovation of renewal production processes.  


Such positivity was never existing before ……..


Let us live and help others to live,  is the core of these generations. 


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  1. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar September 2, 2021 at 4:45 am - Reply

    First of all, I would convey my heartiest passion towards the lovable blog that I was waiting for. The combination of words seems to be running along side the galaxy full of optimism.
    O/o DyCoE & O/o Dean
    School of Civil Engineering
    KIIT University Bhubaneswar

  2. Unknown September 2, 2021 at 5:32 am - Reply

    Collaboration with complementary specialisation is inbuilt into Nature. Human body is a great example. The number of human cells is approximately 37.2 trillion, meaning that the ratio of microbial-to-human cells, if the original estimate of 100 trillion bacterial cells is correct, is closer to 3:1.

  3. Arun Ray September 3, 2021 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    The author has keenly observed the paradigm shift in the way next generation is approaching towards the future in true sense. This will definitely compel the thought leaders to revisit the existing theories. Very nice articulation of innovative thoughts.

  4. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura September 6, 2021 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Yes, there is a paradigm shift to a new reality which Prof. Samanta pens down in her blog. The five aspirations mentioned here point the way to the next frontier of how industries, businesses and organizations would function. So correctly mentioned "Shift from Perfection to honesty" and that's where it is leading to. A shift from just selling products to engaging customers (human beings), from being always flawless to honest, from generating profit to build relationships, from being static to dynamic would mean not to be trapped by pre-determined experiences, but to rapidly sense, adapt and evolve around human needs with a culture of empathy in every decision. Prof. Samanta's blog point towards requirement of a new modus operandi which is based on generosity, creativity, collaboration and caring.


Sasmita Samanta

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