A farmer plants the trees according to his expertise, experience and strategy to produce different food products by considering the fertility of land, cycle of rain, seasonal effects on environment and his own yielding capabilities. The products are sold or rotten according to the market demand influenced by quantity of production and series of decisions of number of people decide the winners and losers. The invisible power of people are supreme than the few planners making plans for others. The theory of Adam Smith , father of Economics,  “ Individual Hand Theory”, which is the core of Macro Economics Theory, which drives the whole economics and business space in the world. According to him the command driven economy, strategized by few people deciding mass activities can never be a substitute model for a natural system. Individual working for himself or herself, thinking about his or her career, enriching himself or herself to follow ethical practices combined together can develop an efficient and natural ecosystem.  Even the silent spectators contribute for the purpose. 


A small contributor searches for his or her identity in the world in a large framework of natural evolution process. Few tries to connect through vision and series of positive activities create the value system in and around them, which slowly becomes their identity. Such groups are sometimes presented as concepts, models, institutions, organizations and so on.  These intelligent models are the by-products of social / economic / market evolution. It became the foundation for capitalism. The intervention of government is to provide security to the rich against poor in an natural economic system. The basis of his theory was  “ Power with All “. He defines the perfect liberty is the ideal situation, which will automatic balance the demand, wages, contributions, jobs etc and it will help in proportionate distribution and flow of wealth to each level in a normal situation without war or natural emergencies. This eighteenth century economist had considered the political system of the time, patriarchal ownership system, ruling of kings in different countries and common law of Britishers for creation of Common Wealth for number of countries spread over the world. The Wealth of Nation was written by taking diversity of world economy during that time starting from impact of industrial revolution, individual productivity, development of moral, ethical practices in work, individual capabilities, human behavior, state role in it, power and wealth balance etc. 


Five principles of Fedrick Taylor, Father of Scientific Management,  was based on Science instead of Thumb rule, Harmony in place of Discord, Cooperation above the individualism, Mental Revolution than the pick and choose and opportunities to reach at the level of self actualization rather than the best performances. Each and every principle was based on human capabilities, choices, presence of mind, necessity, aspirations etc. which is self evolutionary, cancelling the obsolescence,  rather than following the traditional obsolete rules, made by few people in different time and situation. Though Taylor’s division of work and creating experts  for each job and each level was criticized afterwards and against the best work place practices of creating knowledge , skill , expertise together, his focus on human capabilities and enriching it with sufficient knowledge and tools had created the culture of creating vertical experts with deep knowledge in a field and generating power to transform the field. Later on the principle is applied with austerity in the field of innovation, research, science , technology etc. According to his theory authority comes from knowledge and skill not from positional power. According to him “Knowledge is Power “



International Monetary Fund defines Inequality as the concept which leads to social cohesion, political polarization, slow or negative economic growth. According to its report the domestic policies related to setting standards in innovations, knowledge, skills, jobs and policies in wealth creation, redistribution of wealth and growth of economy decides economic health of the people and it has been reiterated and endorsed in several reports of United nations, financial autonomy and participation in decision making process is the key to human empowerment. 



In the human driven era, creation of new possibilities and driving the whole work force with positive motivations of achieving the life goals, redesigning the job in helping the people remaining committed for their best and creating sense of abundance, access to all aspired comforts and luxuries of life, even shared facilities are helping generation z to follow ethical practices in their lives and believing in collaborative work and living together by sharing resources.  A recent survey shows, post pandemic workers are hungry to have a work place made of trust, social and human sensitive and opportunities for collaborative and united contribution. The tiredness of remote and hybrid work because of isolation, loneliness, dependency only on limited self capability and self knowledge, insecurity of authenticity has generated love for team work,  togetherness and respect for all. Capturing the experience of the people, aligning it with organizational goals, standardizing processes to achieve the common and universal goal can recreate the best work places. 



Importance of Personality, power of influence on others either through strong communication, use of emotional intelligence, sense of security created out of supportive peers have been missed in remote work. Recreation of work place has to strongly look into those aspects for developing a successful model. The economic polarization created out of extreme technical dependency has resulted concentration of economic power with big technological giants. The study shows that humanization of High Net Worth Individuals for redistribution of wealth, created out of internal sources like high ambitions, is sometimes difficult because of fast disruptions and uncertainties in the business space.


New challenges of re-building institutions, processes and systems will require huge investments not only in physical or virtual resources, but also in human resources and human centric processes. To rebuild trust and sense of belongingness, pay more is the only solution. The power of ownership of something, power of knowledge to build something of own, power of decision making of deciding own life goal and strategising on this and having power to access all results achieved out of combination of individual contributions can help in building human dignity and individual respect. 

Today is National Boss Day, time to celebrate Power, Opportunities, Energy, People, who drive you forward, towards your dream………


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    This is worth reading Mam.

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    Though each & every combination of alphabets denotes the sky-sphere, the term "Knowledge is Power" weighs the Article 10 to the power infinite. Additionally, the script clarifies that neither Boss is Power nor Power is Boss. It's a system to administer an organisation irrespective of home, village, city, state or a country, or even starting from small scale industries to larger units of its kind.
    I would pay my heartiest thanks to the narrator, Dr Sasmita Rani Samanta, Hon'ble Pro Vice Chancellor Madam, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, for bringing theme of the entire globe into a nutshell.

    O/o DyCoE & O/o Dean
    School of Civil Engineering

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    It was said that the right person at right place can change the dynamics of the team.So in sports we always need to find out who will be the captain. Boss is always a good captain having good work ethic.One way of identifying a good boss is by taking note how he/she treats their employees. If an employee feel respectful also encouraged and is more productive.When one work for himself he does not like his Boss. So belongingness is the key to accept anyone to be your Boss.
    A Boss is always a good leader who inspires enthusiasm not fear.If you are a Boss not a leader then your time is limited.In the past a leader was a Boss but in present leaders must be partners with their people they no longer can lead solely based on positional power. Nice article Ma'am I love the title of Boss is power……


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