Dream, A cherished Aspiration, Ambition to Achieve, Goal to be accomplished, thought which is structured or unstructured, spark in eyes, each one carries and try to fulfil. For some, it is just one and for some it is spread over.    

Alice Wonderland teaching  to get lost in dreams being connected to real life situations, Tolstoy’s horror dreams of being attacked and trying to get rid of it and after words entering the world of virtues and peace, where everything is beautiful and beautiful, Harry Potter’s imagination of conscious and subconscious mind, influence of mind in different states and recognising the reality in a healthy life connecting to imaginations and Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s dream etc. create lots of vibration in children and young adults to shape the thoughts and extend the imaginations from land to horizon, from horizon to paradise and paradise to moon. 

Experience of Creation, Devastation, Re-Creation, Happiness, Sorrows, Horror, Bliss together builds the personality, confidence and courage to challenge the competencies, capabilities and forces to expand beyond the limit…. are derivatives of such applauding imaginations.Those authors taught to generations to push the boundary of physical world visible to us, imagine beauties they aspire for and strive to achieve it with the power of will and imagination.  

In Rig Veda, the dreams are related to states and awakenment. It has brought three states (Jagruta abastha) Waking State, (Susupti Abastha) Sleeping State and (Swapna Abastha) Sleeping State. 

When we are awaken, we use our five sense organs like Ear, eyes, nose, mouth and skin to realise the physical world around us and guided by them and bring reflections into the world through physical realisation. Light is fundamental to this, it is transparent, it is clear and is followed by actions to bring goodness to the world. We experience this state, whenever we are alive.  

In sleeping state, mind and soul is free from all worldly knowledge and bondages starting from expectations, aspirations, egos etc. and darkness is the only there. Only intrinsic consciousness works and very close to experience of death. 

In dream state, we see the deep green sea with white waves washing the foot of mountain, beautiful red roses dancing in breeze, peacocks spreading its signing blue green  feathers with pride and nobility, but when our eyes are closed, without the help of sense organ. Our subconscious mind recollects the pictures of the past events or thoughts and shows it, so it is considered to be the state of illusion, or falsification. But in transcendental dreams, what we see in awaken stage without using the sense organ by our super soul is the eternal beauties and power we are blessed with forty worldly manifestation.

In many mythologies and loka kathas, Gods and Goddesses speak to the disciples in dreams mentioned by Ram Krishna Param Hansa, Vivekananda etc.  Birth of Krishna and Goutam Buddha were told by the God to their respective mothers in dreams. Chandogya Upanishad talks that last rites are performed to fulfil the desire. 

In Greek mythology, dreams are sometimes personified as sons of nights and brothers of sleep and acts when we sleep. Zeus is the most dangerous and strongest Greek God.  Japanese Baku, pig shaped, long snout,  is a dream eater God comes to the human in the mid of the night and devours …. Chineses belief is that the soul leaves the body and is being taught up to the time the dreamer is awakened.

In all mythologies, the dreams are narrated as the job of super conscious mind, redesigning the experiences connecting with certain real life events and reflecting on it and at times just reviewing the past experiences, without use of sense organ. That shows that dream is independent of material world , independent of functioning of sense organs, but super conscious about thoughts, aspirations and ambitions of human being. 

Dreams are the sources for creation and procreation, reasons for culmination of hope,   inner inspiration and continuing perseverance.  Dreaming and perceiving other dreams are the strongest tools for innovations and creating disruptions. Long term strategies, the relevant directions for the organisations are derived from the dreams, also the purpose to achieve , time to achieve and how to achieve are the by products.  Whether we shall go on a practical model like in Harry Potter story or magical model like wonder land or horror story. The ambitious dreams encourage the employees to get engaged through their own ambitions and challenges their capabilities and potentials. When the self and work are connected, the person is inspired.

Critical Analysis of Dreams helps in transformation of  processes, sectors, areas and products to get transformed, or needs attention for major changesdeveloping capabilities inside the systems etc. While a boxer fights for the country and dreams to get the medal, number of models leading to build a good winning strategies,  built up starting from identifying the resources including human, infrastructural and financial resources, models for executing different roles like coaches, assistants, dieticians, opponents helping in practice daily,  skill design models clearing mentioning the details about the skill and the way to achieve it, Collaborations and co-operations models clearly defining the necessity and objectives of collaborations with different organisations agencies, people etc. with clear cut mandate for both the parties. The coordinated efforts of all those help in realisation of dreams to win the medal. 


In military also all the soldiers are trained to dream for the country and to focus on the purpose together, while joining the war field. The common mindset, the common goals are derived from the dream and right frameworks are built up around it to get the success. The drive to achieve process helps the soldiers to unleash their maximum potentials to reach at the level of  self actualisation or are stretched beyond. 

Martin Luther, Abraham Lincon, Nelson Mandella, Mahatma Gandhi, the social leaders or industrial leaders of present age like Steve Jobs, Marks Juker Berg, Larry Page, Elun Musk, Narayan Murty none of them said they have a dream or requested anybody to work for their dream, but their dream had the potentials to connect to the hearts, souls and minds full of dreams and were driven by that power, which brought revolutionary success in diverse areas. 

All good leaders always create the opportunities and environment for the people working with them or in their organisation to get exposure to the world through structured or unstructured program to help them to expand the horizon of their thoughts and pick the success model to follow for realisation.

Former Chairman and CEO of Best Buy mentions in his book “The heart of Business : Leadership Principles for Next Era of Capitalism” describes his journey to be more authentic, vulnerable and human leader. His focus in this book is “leading with purpose by focusing with humanity. “  

Nobody loves to get associated with the people, who says about his or her actions that something can not be accomplished, They need the people, who gives them the confidence that he/she is capable of taking responsibility of their dreams. 


 Aristotle said  “ Hope is a waking dream” 

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  1. Salegram Padhee May 17, 2021 at 5:24 am - Reply

    Lofty aspiration takes lot of daring to dream, imagination and planning and efforts with tons and tons of shraddha and saburi for realisation

  2. Dr Gaganendu Dash May 21, 2021 at 7:32 am - Reply

    It is not just enough to dream our ideas. We have to take action to make it possible. The difference between our dreams and reality is our action. Author very nicely explains nobody is too busy it is just a matter of priorities how you give importance to your dreams.


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