Disruptions are fast changing the Society, the Economy, the Business and the whole world. Life and Living both are evolving with the change and a new social and human system is being created. The monotonous uniform activities, the skill sets are slowly being aligned to new requirements, with incremental or complete change of skill sets. The observations and recollections, the outcome of natural interactions and engagement of sense organs with a particular activity is being noted and shared. 
The change in environment, global warming, pollution, natural calamities, natural health hazards are changing the lives and living in the world. Design thinking, the process of empathising and designing technology or processes as per the change in human aspiration, intent of each and every individual to integrate their idea with the work, rapid change in work place, disruption in social structure, technology and work place diversity are creating continuous disruptions in the existing products and processes. So, every professional, policy maker, educator are expected to evolve every day to keep pace with the changes. All of us are expected to be more and more accurate to predict.
The learners, who are also going through same agile world, and are expected to learn to catch up to that social system, are supposed to be dynamic in their approach and delivery. To develop such workforce or professionals, the HEIs are supposed to bring the agility in academics. 
The pedagogy should be based on the facts and principles, connected to the present issues and should have the futuristic vision to help  the students to perceive, to empathise to imagine. In teaching learning system, the teacher should take the diverse prospective of the subject to teach the students to match with individual aspiration.  They should be connected to the live projects and capstone projects to understand the requirements, pattern of changes in requirement and  the change itself. The environment should motivate for application of knowledge, encourage the innovators and support the failures to try again. In disruptive space learners should learn to stay connected to their subject and evolve with the change or lead the change.
True reflections of experience of the teacher should be transmitted in the classroom, not only the information, gathered from the book. The effective intellectual engagement should happen with the community or industry to have the proper experience of environment and get the exposure to explore, how to  fit into it and in which level. If we take two persons to an event, one is actor and other is spectator, th actor would wish how to perform well and add values to it and spectator will remain indifferent, as he/she will get enough things to look at. The uncertainty and chance of failure, motivate to continue to learn and improve and this attitude, concern for the quality and interest help to remain flexible and humble through out. 
The balanced system of evolution to take up the challenges and mange failure to re-orient learning as per the strategic planning and action of the learner builds confidence and dignity in the system. The categorisation of level of education as per the learning capability and interest, helps learns of each category to enjoy the process and complete the education. 
 Create, Nurture, Care, Love …….. 

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  1. Dilip Kumar Samantasinghar August 1, 2020 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    The base of the story denotes to recurring change in each and every aspect of this beautiful world. And, such change has been converting the word "beautiful" to anything to the power infinite. Whatever it may be, we can never bring everything into a streamlined parameter. But, I am sure, the narration is more than enough capable for building a stable and matured brain. Salute to the art of such description.
    Exam Cell SCE

  2. TUMPA SINHA August 2, 2020 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    ''Change is the only constant."
    We also have to mould ourselves according to the changes made in the world. Changing ourselves with the hour for good is significant in today's lifestyle. Incredibly written and amusing use of words.

    Expecting to read such wondrous articles more.

  3. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura August 3, 2020 at 3:05 am - Reply

    This is a right and a brave approach Prof. Samanta to join the word “Agile” with Education. I have read many articles where agility is spoken with respect to business and entrepreneurs. But this blog tells us it’s not only for them. Education and more importantly Higher Education must become agile to innovate, plan & execute the blue prints that will improve the student’s outcome. When students become learning agile, they become open minded, learn from experiences and stay strong to take up challenges. This is a great article to understand the importance of Agility in the Education process.

  4. Arun Ray August 4, 2020 at 6:33 am - Reply

    This is the need of the hour in this testing time…..

  5. Unknown August 9, 2020 at 5:59 am - Reply

    This world is beautiful and it depends upon the view of the spectator how he / she is feeling. Similarly the changing pattern of education, social or political issues also to be accepted by the people as a spectator to enjoy in a new way. The changing is always an actor that we have to feel and accept it's different roles in the society. Bandita Paikaray

  6. Biswabandita August 12, 2020 at 4:57 am - Reply

    Excellent writing as usual. Education and educators to understand this.

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